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Officer Ian King is a highway patrol officer, award-winning artist, and volunteer from Hamilton County, Ohio. Born and raised in the Buckeye State, triplet King is one of three identical siblings. He and his brothers each attended and subsequently graduated from the University of Louisville.

Officer Ian works for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He graduated from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy shortly after completing his studies at the University of Louisville. At that time, he was among Ohio's youngest-ever newly qualified highway patrol officers.

Away from his law enforcement work, King is a talented mixed media artist. He is also a regular volunteer, giving up much of his free time to good causes in his local community. Elsewhere, he enjoys various hobbies and other interests, including cycling, golf, music, and motocross.

Current Role & Duties

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ian King is an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer based in Cincinnati – the county seat of Hamilton County. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Part of the state government, the department is headquartered in Columbus, around 100 miles from King's base in Cincinnati.

Officer King and his Ohio State Highway Patrol colleagues are primarily responsible for traffic enforcement across the sprawling Midwestern state. Ohio is currently home to around 12 million people and is the seventh-most populous state in the nation.

Alongside patrolling Ohio's many busy highways, Officer Ian King and his fellow highway patrol officers routinely assist other local police agencies. That includes aiding with emergencies and investigations beyond local police agencies' jurisdictions or resources.

Buckeye State native King qualified as a highway patrol officer after passing out from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy. Upon passing out, he was one of the academy's youngest-ever newly certified officers. He has served for the Ohio State Highway Patrol for over eight years.

Academic Background

Ohio-born King attended high school close to his childhood home in Greene County alongside his two brothers and their older sister. After high school, he headed to the neighboring state of Kentucky to attend the University of Louisville. He would then return to his home state for training at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy.

University of Louisville

Identical triplet King studied at the University of Louisville alongside his two brothers. All three King brothers graduated from the prominent educational institution with honors. The University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, is renowned for its firefighting, homeland security, law enforcement, and related protective services programs.

Founded in 1798, the University of Louisville was the first city-owned higher educational institution in the United States. Furthermore, the public research institute was among the first universities chartered west of the Alleghenies within the Appalachian Mountain Range.

The University of Louisville is committed to teaching future generations of engaged citizens, leaders, and scholars. The institution places great importance on creativity and practically applied research. It is also widely known for its outreach efforts, focused on bolstering the quality of life of many local, national, and international communities.

This focus on outreach continues to inspire King in his charitable efforts, where the highway patrol officer regularly volunteers for several community-focused good causes. King holds his bachelor's degree in law enforcement administration from the University of Louisville.

Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy

Officer Ian King enrolled in the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy immediately after graduating from the University of Louisville.

Intensive Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy training includes a 20-week course at the organization's Columbus, Ohio-based facility. Upon completing the course, trainees receive their all-important OPOTA certification. OPOTA stands for Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

Passionate about law enforcement since childhood, King completed Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy training only a few months after his 21st birthday. Years later, he remains among the youngest recruits to have completed their training at the academy.

Artistic Endeavors

Officer Ian is a talented and lifelong artist. As a young boy, he first developed a love of art, following in his grandfather's footsteps. His late grandfather was an acclaimed artist and sculptor, with several of his pieces selling at auction for six figures. As an artist, King focuses primarily on mixed media work.

Exclusively working on pieces in his limited free time, he still frequently receives commissions from varying clients. His work has appeared in numerous well-known publications. He is most famed for his graffiti-inspired illustrations. His graffiti-inspired pieces have seen him win several high-profile awards in his native Ohio and elsewhere.

He is also an adept sculptor, again inspired by his grandfather. The sculpture is an area of art that the highway patrol officer has increasingly focused on since his grandfather's passing in 2021. King often takes inspiration from his work within law enforcement, his upbringing in Ohio's Greene County, and his passion for electronic music.

Charitable Involvement

Officer Ian King proudly supports numerous all-important charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these charities, nonprofits, and good causes are the following:

4 Paws For Ability

Crayons to Classrooms

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio

Heartbeat International

Law Enforcement Foundation

Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Ohio Living

YMCA of Central Ohio

The Shield

Ohio-based law enforcement charity The Shield serves the families of officers killed or critically injured in the line of duty within Butler County, Clermont County, Hamilton County, and Warren County. Backed by King and others, it provides immediate emergency funds and access to other much-needed resources.

Highway patrol officer King is also a keen proponent of the inherent community value of volunteering. He frequently lends his time volunteering for community-focused charitable initiatives in and around his adopted home city of Cincinnati, Ohio. These local initiatives include several food banks, homeless shelters, and other similarly vital good causes.

Personal Life

Ian King was born in southwestern Ohio in 1993. A triplet, he has two identical brothers. He, his brothers, and their older sister were raised by their mother and stepfather in the Greene County city of Beavercreek. Beavercreek is the county's largest city and the second-largest suburb of Dayton, Ohio. The city is famed for its many beautiful parks and scenic cycle trails.

Officer Ian King reveals numerous hobbies and other interests when he isn't working or volunteering. Among these hobbies and interests are aircraft spotting, cycling, golf, motocross, and spending time in the great outdoors.

A young King first learned to play golf alongside his brothers and their stepfather. All four still regularly golf together. Elsewhere, he is a lifelong music lover passionate about the electronica genre.


Officer Ian King