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Officer Ian King is a Hamilton County, Ohio highway patrol officer, accomplished artist, and active volunteer. He is a triplet and was born and raised in Ohio with his two identical siblings. King and his brothers attended the University of Louisville, where they earned their degrees.

King currently serves as a member of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He completed his studies at the University of Louisville and graduated from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy, becoming one of Ohio's youngest newly qualified highway patrol officers.

Besides his duties as a highway patrol officer, King is a gifted mixed-media artist. He is also a regular volunteer in his community and donates much of his free time to charitable causes. His other hobbies and interests include cycling, golf, music, and motocross.

As an officer with the Ohio State Highway Patrol, King is based in Cincinnati, the county seat of Hamilton County. The Ohio Department of Public Safety oversees the patrol, part of the state government and headquartered in Columbus, 100 miles from Cincinnati.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is primarily responsible for traffic enforcement across Ohio's sprawling Midwestern state, home to approximately 12 million people. It ranks as the seventh-most populous state in the country. In addition to patrolling the state's busy highways, King and his fellow officers routinely assist other local police agencies with emergencies and investigations beyond the jurisdictions or resources of the local departments.

King began his career as a highway patrol officer after graduating from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy. He was among the youngest newly certified officers then and has served with the Ohio State Highway Patrol for over eight years.

King attended high school in Greene County, Ohio, with his two brothers and older sister. Following high school, he went to the University of Louisville in neighboring Kentucky before returning to Ohio to attend the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy for training.

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Officer Ian King

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